the simple life 2.0 is about health (personal, environmental…), wealth (what has value and how can we cultivate it?), and the pursuit of happiness (through learning, community…).

But for 365 days starting September 2012, I blog on a much more meaningful subject: folding paper.

Over the course of a year, the life I strive to make simpler and more divine will be anchored by a 365-day meditation project I call Origami Every Day. This quiet time of folding (or smashing, depending on my mood) gives me a chance to review each day and remember a promise I’ve made to my son to find ways to manage and appreciate certain “challenges” we each have. (Yes, those are large air quotes.) Always last to the table, each night I leave what once was a mere slip of paper on the table for others to marvel over at breakfast.

* * *

Kat Song is a writer and communications consultant on a broad range of issues, including health and health policy. She provides strategic counsel on internal and external relations, marketing, design, social media, Web and print content, and issue advocacy. Kat helps create brands for fledgling organizations and new images for established ones.

Contact her via LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/KatSong

Contact her via Twitter: @katsongpr

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Fun facts about Kat:

– she admires evidence-based anything (medicine, education, etc.), but often hews toward what tastes, looks or feels best;

– she was interior designer on the green renovation of her century-old house, and fantasizes about things like creating her own fonts;

– she lived an “Up in the Air” life — shuttling each week for two years between DC and Dearborn to work on Ford.com;

– as a Korean-American, she knows what it’s like when your 4-yr-old says “Chinese?” in response to the question “What are you?”;

– she hopes one day to be funny to someone other than herself.


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  1. You’re still funny to me. But in that sort of “That was funny. I wonder if she’s going to hit me now.” way.

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